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mentorship program

Monthly Aesthetic Coaching & Mentorship

Aesthetics Shadowing Day

Learn More About Dr. Stef, DNP

Stefanie Gatica, DNP, is a board certified family nurse practitioner. Dr. Stef, DNP, has been in the medical field for more than 30 years working in a variety of settings, including the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, pediatrics, aesthetics and dermatology. Dr. Stef, DNP, was fortunate to receive a 3 month dermatology residency in West Des Moines with a prominent dermatologist, and then managed a medical and cosmetic dermatology clinic in Beaverdale for more than 7 years, where she was the sole provider. This experience is the foundation for Revive Dermatology Clinic & Spa as well as Revive Aesthetics Academy.